635611083619258179-vlcsnap-2015-03-04-23h24m56s71It was going to be the new cosmetic surgery  business model. A new way of delivering quality efficiently at a fraction of the cost! Lifestyle lift abruptly closed its doors after the model business platform failed a midst unhappy patients and reprimands for misrepresenting the truth in advertising. While there was no franchise in Naples, I saw several 'less than happy" patients that had undergone Lifestyle lifts in the Ft Myers office. While you can say every doctor has some unhappy patients, these chose not to go back at all even if it the 'fix' was going to cost more than the original service. While I try to treat everyone fairly, I do charge for my services. I will try to minimize any of those patients that were unhappy or "abandoned' by the closure of the Lifestyle Lift "Chain".

"Lifestyle lift patients looking for followup care after "Company" closes its doors suddenly!

Turns out that most cosmetic surgery patients want a more personal relationship with their surgeon in such important matters.

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