Identical Twins May Show Us How to avoid a Facelift

It would seem  to be counterintuitive for a plastic surgeon to write an article on how to avoid a face lift.  Frankly we probably know  more about the subject than anybody else since we've watched our patients literally  grow up and grow older in front of our eyes.   Not only are we trained observers, but we also have the knowledge and tools to slow down (and in some cases reverse) the aging process. A recent study performed by a plastic surgeon who made a point to visit an identical twin convention in Twinville, Ohio,  revealed a great deal of information concerning non-genetic factors contributing to the aging process.  First of all you can not deny the influence of genetics on the aging process.  We all have  known  individuals that appear to be much younger than others the same age that take care of themselves in approximately the same manner. There are factors, however,  that will make even identical twins look significantly different by the time they reach their 40s 50s and 60s. If you are young enough to learn from these twins mistakes then read on.

Environment Overriding Genetics!

1) sun exposure: there is no doubt that sun worshiping or unprotected exposure during outdoor activities will significantly affect how old you appear.

Identical Twins - Sun and weight difference
 Identical Twins that differed in Sun exposure and weight appeared  of significantly different ages.

2) Weight: interestingly heavier individuals looked older up to the age of 40 and the extra weight would hide their youthful features. After the age of 40 the extra weight often filled out the loose tissues and wrinkles given a younger appearance paradoxically

3) prolonged use of birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy actually had a very positive effect on protection from aging.  The controversies about and prolonged use of birth control pills notwithstanding

4) stress or the avoidance of stress has a significant role in how you look. The divorced women that participated appeared to be 1.7 years older than they are married  identical twins! Paradoxically, widows looked two years the younger than they are still married twins.  While marriage can be stressful apparently divorce and financial difficulties can impact negatively on our aging process.

5) smoking has long been known to affect the aging appearance.  The classic lines around the lips known as "smokers lines" as well as increase in generalized wrinkling and loss of elasticity are related to the direct negative effect on collagen elastin of tar and nicotine.

6)  excessive alcohol consumption speeds up aging despite the current believes that her an ingredient in Red wine known as Resveretrol.  While a glass of wine may be good for your heart, too much can affect the liver and this will have a detrimental effect on the blood vessels in your skin as well as direct damage to your collagen.

While these results give us information on what not to do in the future they do not shed light on what is available to 'turn things around' now that you're here. I will get into this more in the next few articles, however, the keys include starting  skin care an healthy lifestyle early, consistency, and facial volume replacement. Microneedling with Dermapen and Platelet Derived Growth factors may reverse the damage done with years of bad habits.

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