Non Surgical Skin Tightening using Injectible RF

The non surgical rejuvenation world took a big leap forward by introducing "injectible Radio Frequency" based 'inside to outside" RF thermal heating/ stimulation of skin and supporting fibers to tighten and lift the skin without cutting or burning the skin! The company THERMI AESTHETICS has been working on this for quite a few years. Primarily used for neck skin, it can be used for laxity anywhere in the body including the arms and knees. Performed under local anesthesia the procedure usually takes less than an hour to complete and recovery is days rather than weeks. Final results obtained in 4 to 12 weeks.


Other uses for Radio Frequency include "non invasive" facial skin tightening or ThermiSmooth. A Non Surgival Vaginal Tightening procedure called ThermiVa appears to significantly shrink loose vaginal tissues inside and out. The improvement of post-partum urinary stress incontinence has been remarkable!
We are very excited to start offering this service here in at the Pena Plastic Surgery clinic in Naples, Florida.

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