The new device developed by an Israeli Plastic surgeon who was tired of his "breast lifts" not holding up, developed a device that is anchored to the woman's ribs beneath the breasts to prevent sagging to recur. This is the so called "Internal Bra"  can be used with or without implants and should add another 30% to the costs of breasts lifting.  In Naples, Florida breast lift cost betwen $8000 and $10,500 depending on use of certain implants. This device would add approximately $2500 to the procedure but would seem to assure a long term result.

Lightweight  Breast Implants

B-Lite implants weigh 30 percent less than conventional implants.
. Particularly exciting its possible combination with another Israeli invention of a Lightweight Breast Implant. A plastic surgeon and his Biomedical Engineer Brother have invented a breast implant that is 30% lighter than the models currently in  used. They use tiny air filled / hollow bubbles embedded in a gel matrix to achieve the reduction in weight without sacrificing feel. This  device is on the fast tract for approval in the European market.. The only way to enlarge breast with anything lighter is to use your own fat.

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