The use of three dimensional camera and software allows me to perform surgery and view the results in front of the patient BEFORE the actual surgery. If either of us do not like what we see we change the plan! This has been extremely helpful in deciding the breasts implant size as well as how much and where to place the volume in facial aesthetics.  Chin Augmentations and Rhinoplasty have also been simulated in 3-D to aid in discussions and planning.

Vectra in Facial and Breast Surgery Planning

 I have had the Vectra System for 3-D imaging for two years and it has been extremely helpful in my discussions and planning with my patients, but this technology has it's drawbacks.
Some patients are overwhelmed by the details and seem to "freeze up" worried that they might make the "wrong" decision by increasing or decreasing their breast implants by as little as 300 ccs (1 ounce)!. I am seeing these patients  multiple times and I fear that they think that what they are seeing is a warranty of results and that their individual tissues and their own healing properties have nothing to do with the actual results! It is definitely a two edged sword as far as this technology goes.  You are tempted to "smooth out" imperfections and thus promise too much. I would rather under promise and over-deliver!

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