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Fractora Skin Resurfacing is a solution to rejuvenating damaged skin

Fractora Skin Tightening

Fractora Skin Rejuvenation
Non surgical skin tightening and rejuvenation has reached the next level. The technology is Fractora bipolar radio frequency  fractional skin rejuvenation.  With minimal disruption of the superficial skin (which has very little to do with the quality of the skin) the Fractora Naples device delivers energy through many tiny needle to the deeper collagen and elastin rich layer of the skin. These pins range from 0.9mm to 3 mms in length and are pushed into the skin to deliver the energy. Some of the pins coated to allow the energy to bypass totally the surface of the skin and concentrate on the deep layers. The 3mm needles can tighten superficial muscles to some extent by stimulating/ heating them as the energy returns to the return pads.Because the superficial skin is minimally affected the recovery period is also minimized. usually swelling for a few days and resumption of activities within the week. The final result also will be delayed by 4-6 weeks after each treatment. The  Fractora treatment can be one "deep" treatment requiring an anesthetic (either local or intravenous sedation) or multiple (4-5) requiring only a topical cream anesthetic.

Fractora has been nicknamed "designer resurfacing" since the depth and energy used can be adjusted to fit any skin problem.

Uses for Fractora include:

If you would like more information on Naples Fractora  or would like to pursue  this innovative procedure, please call Dr Pena at 239-348-7362 or visit Dr Pena - Naples Fractora

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