What Happens If I Gain Weight After Liposuction Or A Tummy Tuck? 

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Okay so the most frequent questions that I get is "what happens if I gain weight after a tummy tuck or liposuction?" or if I lose weight? So we go back to when you are 12 years old, the amount of fat cells that you have were set at that point. we are going to call it a billion although there are many more than that.. The fat cells from then on are like bank accounts and the size of your fat cells in a certain part of your body will determine your shape. You have to gain 40% of your weight before you grow any new fat cells. Normally when you lose weight the cells shrink but they're still there. When you are gaining weight the cells get bigger. Thus your fat cells are bank accounts and your income is what you eat and you expend or "spend"  by living and exercising. Naturally when we hit about forty our  metabolic rate slows down so you not burning as much energy just hanging out. Then you have to increase your activities by a certain amount just to maintain her weight or decrease the intake number of calories.


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