Double Chin Nonsurgical Options

 If you have a double chin, you have  more options on how to deal with it than ever before. Even 10 years ago there was only surgical solutions which included liposuction (of one form or another: tumescent, ultrasound assisted , or laser assisted) or actually performing a neck lift where the fat is actually removed surgically and the skin is tightened!  Even today these two surgical methods offer the most efficient and consistent way of dealing with a problem.  The trend  today, however,  is to avoid surgery and embrace nonsurgical options. Here are the most noteworthy:

These options include: 


Fat ablation and skin tightening using radiofrequency.  TherniTight), while not "noninvasive" since it involves administering local anesthesia and using a needle underneath the skin, it is definitely and nonsurgical procedure.  Radiofrequency energy is administered  through the needle and heats up the surrounding tissues and overlying skin.  If the temperatures reach 70°C the fat tissue is destroyed and the overlying skin is tightened.  Lower temperatures are used to just tighten the skin. This is a gradual process that may take up to 3-6 months to see the final results. The sister procedure ThermiSmooth can be totally noninvasive and the radiofrequency energy is applied through the skin.  Many other systems  such as  Exilis/ Thermi250, etc use the external  non invasive approach .   These however are much less efficient at fixing the double chin dilemma since the temperature that is required to affect the fat and even the skin can be quite high and somewhat uncomfortable.

Microfocused Ultra sound 

 Microfocused ultrasound is one of the later entries into the field. The device approved in the US is "Ulthera".  While it has enjoyed some success the discomfort during treatments  and unpredictable results have limited it from being totally embraced by the aesthetic community.  This uses focused medium frequency ultra sound energy to "heat up" fat cells by causing them to vibrate. When the "magic" temperatures between 65 and  70°C is reached the fat is destroyed and the body eventually starts an inflammatory process to get rid of it.  It too requires weeks to months to get final results.

 Freezing the Fat 

has now been adapted to treat the double chin or submental area.  Zeltiq/ Coolsculpting as it is known has been one of the fastest growing masses of nonsurgical fat removal over the last 5 years.  Generally if you can fit whatever area you want to minimize into one of the heads of the machine then he will have some a fact.  By freezing the fat it has a same effect as if it were reaching the magic 70°C but in the other direction.  The fat also died is 1 it is frozen.  The body will take it away over the next few weeks to few months.  The question is how much skin tightening in the overlying tissue will occur and how efficient will it be!

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