A recent study performed using 3-D imaging concluded that it takes an increase of 130 ccs to 150 ccs to increased a woman's breast by 1 size.  This is approximately 4-1/2 ounces of volume increase.  I have used this formula for many years before this was confirmed by this study based on my interpretation and personal history of having performed 2000 or so breast augmentations.

The most common comment to the here after breast augmentation is "I wish I had gone bigger".  The psychology of this is based on the fact that the body image changes over a 3-6 month period.  At that point what ever size you are  you feel like you have always been that size.  I often spent 30 minutes or more going through the 3-D visualization of a prospective patient with their new implant options.  After reviewing 5 or 10 different sizes and how they would look on that individual, they asked me "Dr. what size is that?".  when I tried to explain that I have no idea but that if it looks good then that is the one that they should go with they tell me they want to be a specific size.

Commonly, I have been asked to increase the current implant by 1 size or 2 sizes and I used the above formula.  That works a little bit more efficiently because the natural breast compression that occurs during the initial breast augmentation has already occurred.  What I mean is that when you have led stay a 300 cc natural size breast and you put a 300 cc implant you do not get a 600 cc size breast.  What happens?  The breast tissue is quite compressible whereas silicone and saline aren't.  The final result may be anywhere from 450 cc to 550 cc depending on the compressabilty of the natural breast itself.

With the new 3-D imaging we can give you a much better idea of what you will like after breast augmentation but it will still be just a guesstimate.

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