Vaginal Rejuvination

ThermiVa uses Radiofrequency during three 25 minute  treatments to treat Vaginal Laxity, Stress urinary incontinence, Vaginal Dryness, and decreased sexual pleasure. These treatments have been described as pleasurable and you have absolutely ZERO down time.  The visual improvement is usually dramatic after the first treatment and persists until your second treatment 4 weeks later. Vaginal Lubrication is increased even during the procedure and the stress urinary incontinence shows signs of improving in 24 hours after the treatment.  Your "enhanced " sexual experience can begin the moment you get home since there is no down time. "Designer Vaginal Rejuvenation"  treatments such as this will complete the Mommy Makeover!

ThermiVa Results

Immediate results after one ThermiVa treatment

One Month Post Procedure!

Same patient with lasting results one month after first treatment now ready for second of three treatments.
Pena Plastic Surgery in Naples now offering this revolutionary treatment  for the aging and relaxation of vaginal tissues and improvement of stress urinary incontinence!

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