Non surgical Neck lifts

The use of Radio frequency to stimulate collagen and elastin has launched a new wave of devices used to tighten skin and underlying superficial muscles (and in some case remove/shrink fat).  We have used #Fractora for neck tightening with good success. It will not replace a neck lift but it may 'bridge'  you until you decide you are ready for a surgical solution. I often use it to enhance a surgical result that has started to relax. Here is a recent TV  news article on the use of #FractoraNeckLift in a woman that was not quite ready for surgery. #Knifeless Neck Lift in Naples.

Fractora Nonsurgical Neck Lift

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  2. This is such an interesting and informative post ... I've considered botox in the same sort of area as you, but was never sure where to go or who to see! So great to hear the treatments have made a big confidence change - that's what it's all about after all.. buy now