Non Invasive Skin Tightening still 'not quite there'

Although the idea that we can tighten skin through the use of technology he is getting very close,  results have not matched the biochemical and biopsy results seen in treated skin.  I was very excited 190 saw what I believe was skin tightening with the use of lasers in 1995.

This was the aggressive use of carbon dioxide based lasers.  We later found  that it really did not  tighten the skin, it did remodel the skin, sometimes with positive results.  Some of the other anergy based skin tightening systems are based on heating the collagen with radiofrequency and restoring some of the last in fibers. Sometimes clinical results are significant but they don't often correlate with the biopsy or biochemical results  And vice versa.

A recent roundtable discussion involving some of the whirls experts in nonsurgical skin tightening and lasers discussed this very subject and seemed to put it in perspective:

Roundtable discussion of 'Skin Tightening technologies'

The methods of non surgical skin tightening I have available at my office include Exilis and Body FX both external radiofrequency devices that work though heating fat and skin and stimulating  collagen and elastin in the treated areas.

I have found  a more effective technology using radiofrequency with needleless so that the energy is transmitted into varying depths of the scan and even chest below the skin if we want to tighten and affect the superficial musculature such as the neck area or the lower lids.

This technology is call Fractora. the use of microneedling devices which stimulate in a similar fashion using skin puncture trauma to varying depths of the Skin can be augmented with the application of autologous platelet rich plasma.

We have found that using the Dermapen device  in conjunction with autologous platelet gel, has given us tremendous clinical results albeit I have not biopsied the Streetman areas

I am sure that we will continue our search for nonsurgical skin tightening as well as fat reduction and he will continue to yield a small but measurable results over the next few years.

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