More research needed to validate Stem Cell use for Cosmetic surgery

Everyone wants to be a cosmetic physician. Either as a surgeon or as a cosmetic "medicine" provider. Regenerative medicine is HOT!  This includes stem cells and platelet derived growth factors. A lot of great research involving adipose  (fat) derived  stem cells is being done but very little of this is directed towards cosmetic surgery/ medicine.  The misconception that Platelet Rich Plasma (and all the goodies that come with it) involves stem cells is unfortunate. The stem cells that are already in your tissue as well as other "active cells" however, are stimulated by the many STIMULATING GROWTH FACTORS in platelet rich plasma.

As usual the University based clinicians want control of the research and will slow down or discredit studies performed by private practitioners. Case in point being FAT GRAFTS FOR BREAST AUGMENTATION.  This was developed and perfected by private practitioners when an old "Guru" said this should not be done and sealed it's fate in the academic world. Another such paper was just published. This article correctly states the limited scientific studies "PROVING" stem cells beneficial in cosmetic procedures. This however, does not disprove that they may be helpful in aesthetic surgery/medicine. Intuitively, there should be a lot of potentials for the use of autologous adipose derived stem cells and platelet rich plasma in many forms of rejuveantion surgery. Case in point being the use of Fat Grafts for Facelifts. The skin changes seen in the areas over the fat grafts cannot be explained by "filling effect" alone!


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